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How To Buy

Contract Address: 0xE1FD4d9DD64F6A48EFB86D96E5a411420624CBcD

How To Buy On Pancakeswap 

1. To buy:

Go to DApps.  On the history section,  locate and click on


Then click on the swap option. 


Then paste contract address  ( 0xE1FD4d9DD64F6A48EFB86D96E5a411420624CBcD) on the select token option search bar. 


When it opens, click on G32 and import.


You are now ready to buy with BNB, BUSD, or USDT. Buy by imputing the right slippage value.


2. To receive tokens in your wallet.

Click on the icon (with 2 circles) on the top right of your trust wallet. It will take you to search for tokens.


Paste the contract address on the search token pop-up. When the page opens, click on add custom token.


Change network to Smart Chain and paste contract on the "contract address" box then click on done.


Go back to your wallet and you will see your allocated tokens 

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