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G32 is a decentralized finance ecosystem themed around the FIFA World Cup with top players NFTs, P2E games, staking, online betting, and swap functions. 


Football is a global sport and when the game is on, you feel the passion; the suspense; pumping of adrenaline.


Football is one global language: It brings people of different colors, creeds, races, and persuasion under one umbrella.


The peak of global football is the FIFA World Cup. G32 is dedicated to football generally as a universal sport and specifically to the FIFA World Cup beginning from the Qatar 2022 edition

Our Games

The Vision

Our vision is to bring football to the crypto-verse and to take crypto to global football. Just like crypto, football has huge followership and enthusiast around the world. Crypto and digital currencies are the future and football will always be part of humanity's past, present, and future. The duo of crypto and football will be with us for a long time 

The Project

DeFi and sports are a bridge that creates excitement across the globe.

The world cup comes every four years and the best of the best football nations are represented in this epic showpiece.

Gladiators from 32 Nations will slug it out for the ultimate prize on the planet. These gladiators don't fight with swords or chariots. They don't fight to kill. They are not in a game of blood. Their game is fair play.  It is a beautiful game where the combination of skills, dexterity, techniques, technicalities, resilience, determination, courage and good preparation takes you to the ultimate prize. It is the FIFA World Cup with 32 Nations.


Gladiator Defi has put together a wide array of utilities to support the G32 project. You will be able to collect NFTs, farm tokens, breed characters and engage in play-to-earn exciting football games and earn money on the go and that is only the beginning. 


G32 NFTs 

Having style is a big part of the game. That is why Gladiator DeFi has partnered with some of the best artists in the business to design our football-related NFTs. 

Our uniquely designed NFTs will blow your mind! 

PS. A sneak peek coming soon!

G32 Greenfield Dex

Stake your tokens within our G32 greenfield ecosystem and earn passive income on the go. You will get rewarded to HODL strong on our strong proof of stake (POS) network.

Virtual Games

It's all about fun and earning money on the go. Our play-to-earn games will include sport-specific gladiators-based games centered around football and FIFA World Cup teams. By owning an NFT, you can play the game you love and earn money.

Daily Lottery and Jackpots

  • Purchase lotto tickets and get in the lucky roll for a big jackpot.

  • Just hold G23 for a chance to win the daily lottery. 

  • Winners announced on Twitter and TG

Crypto Mobile Betting

  • Stake your crypto, bet on your favorite football team, and earn bounties. 

  • Enjoy your favorite slot machines

  • Have fun with casino table games

  • Online sportsbook with Vegas Odds

Community Projects

Gladiator DeFi is always looking to bring more value to the community. The community speaks and we listen. There is more utility to come as a result of our "community sanctioned projects". 

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